Mark Sorell

Team Lead


Mark & Cheryl are based out of Calgary and have 4 grown children. Cheryl grew up in the Prince Albert area of Saskatchewan while Mark grew up in Peru as a Missionary Kid. They both attended Caronport High School and Briercrest Bible College and married in 1983. They ministered with Venture Teams International for 19 years, 8 of which Mark was Executive Director. They grew to appreciate the vision and passion of ACTION missionaries over the years, especially as office neighbors and overseas ministry partners.

Cheryl is gifted and trained as a Child & Youth Care Counselor and does a great job visioning, advising young people, teaching and interceding. Mark is a gifted musician, shepherd leader, discipler and encourager. In past ministries they have seen hundreds of young people grow in their faith and become leaders and influencers in the world. They have also learned and are learning that in weakness God is strong. As Zechariah puts it: “It is not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord...” (Zech 4:6). Their passion is to know the One who longs to reveal Himself to the world and be part of that revelation process. With the recent move to Action Mark and Cheryl are excited about what God has in store as they continue their focus of making a difference in the lives of Canadian youth.

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Helmuth Graewe

Training Coordinator


Helmuth was born and raised in the Vancouver, BC area, of German/Russian heritage. He came to personal faith in Christ in November, 1963 during a Janz Team Crusade. After graduating from high school, Helmuth went on to post-secondary education at Briercrest Bible College, graduating with a Bachelor of Religious Education (Bible and Christian Education), then went on to get his MA in Christian Education and MDiv in Theological Studies.

Helmuth joined Venture Teams International in 1988, as Director of Internships and Training Coordinator, where he has served until 2011. During that time, he trained short term teams of youth for ministry in the arts overseas, and, over the years, was part of teams that went to India, the Philippines, Austria, Russia, Singapore, and Australia.

Helmuth's ministry with ACTION will be to bring 23 years of experience to train short term ministry teams, both in pre-field preparation and post-field debrief. He will also be involved in training churches on how to send out teams for effective, overseas ministry, both with ACTION and elsewhere.

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Kimberly Roszmann


Kimberly was born in Fort St. John BC, and raised in Northern BC. After hearing about Jesus at a kids' club she chose to follow Christ as a young child. She always dreamed about being a missionary but did not have a chance to serve overseas until the summer after graduating from high school. Since that time, she has had many opportunities to serve locally in Canada, and globally in Honduras, Paraguay, India and Rwanda.

After high school graduation in 2007, Kimberly headed to Peace River Bible Institute, thinking of staying for two years. However, after completing her first year she decided to take a break from school, and headed home to work for a year. In 2009-2010, Kimberly joined an arts evangelism team for nine months, returning to PRBI that fall to fininsh her schooling, graduating in April 2013 with a four year Bachelor of Religious Education in Christian Ministries with a counseling minor.

At ACTION, Kimberly is working in mobilization and training short term teams to make an impact on youth and young adults both locally and globally. She loves the arts, especially drama, and has a great passion for discipleship. She looks forward to watching God work as she walks with HIm and moves forward in faith. 


We are looking to add to our staff in a number of areas (administrators, arts trainers, disciplers...). Contact us if you feel God is speaking to you about this and are willing to raise financial support. We are also in need of volunteers, especially to drive the teams during fall and spring tours. 

Some of our current needs include

  • A van and trailer
  • Sound equipment
  • Backdrop materials


ACTION Office Staff


As part of the ACTION team in Canada, Action Ventures relies on the leadership of it's director and support of the office team. These great people include:

  • Wayne Whitbourne Executive Director
  • Scott Gillespie Promotion & Recruitment
  • Helen Thompson Bookkeeper
  • Cassie Vanderhoek Administrative Assistant
  • Michael Packer Volunteer

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