9-Month Bridge Teams


Are you hungry to grow in your relationship with God? Are you open to getting out of your comfort zone to discover what you were made to be. The Bridge Team is 9 months of discovering who God is in a fresh new context.  It is not a guarantee of growth but an opportunity or platform for growth. It will be an opportunity to discover and maximize the gifts God has given you. The team will collaborate, using their gifts, to share the hope that you have. Most times this means the proclamation of the Gospel and passionate teaching of God's Word using the arts.  After 2 months of practical training the team will serve and proclaim using the arts among the urban poor in at least two countries.  Though the choices you make are your responsibility, we can almost guarantee that your life will be changed as you experience Jesus and function with the accountability offered in a team context. We focus on pursuing God and learning to walk with Him as "well-loved" sons and daughters. From that posture, we determine to give freely to others believing that it is the Holy Spirit who works and enables.

These teams are for individuals 18 to 28 years of age. We are not accepting applications from outside of North America.


College Credits are available for our Bridge Teams program from these colleges: Peace River Bible Institute, Nipawin Bible College, Briercrest Bible College, Alberta Bible College and Steinbach Bible College. More are exploring the possibility of partnering with us. You can gain between 24 and 40 credits depending on the school and your successful fulfillment of the team year. Please contact us for more information.


September, 2017 - June, 2018 team destinations: 

Option #1  Uganda / United Kingdom

Uganda - You will be partnering with gifted national workers to proclaim and teach the Gospel in communities throughout the country. Join the legacy of our past teams who have seen churches planted as Jesus is proclaimed. 

The UK - Beginning Feb 10 you will be part of a church planting movement reaching out to schools and inner city communities.  You will take part in school assemblies and religious education classes where you will share your values as a believer and answer questions they have about your faith.

Option #2  Malawi / Wales

Malawi - You will be partnering for 2 months with ACTION missionaries and national workers in Malawi with the goal of building the local church. It will involve performing (music, drama, puppets, dance, chalkart, public speaking...) and prayer ministry. If you are a Bible College student it is an excellent practicum or internship in areas such as music, leadership and missions. 

Wales -  Beginning February10 you will assist a church plant while using the arts to reach youth in schools and colleges.



Calgary -  After 2 months of practical training covering Bible, Team, Culture and Arts training you will travel across western Canada sharing a message of hope in Jesus and generating prayer support.

North America - When you return home to Canada you will have the opportunity to travel in Canada and USA integrating and sharing what you have learned through your experience. .. meeting with youth groups, inner cities, churches and schools. 


Team Members and Christian Leaders have said:

"I can see that your training is very transferrable to every walk of life. When it comes to discipleship, you guys are the real deal!"  Tim Reimer: A school principal 

"This was the toughest year of my life but I wouldn't trade it for anything!" A team member

"Everything I learned at Bible College came to life on team!" A team member

"God has done so much in and through me this year. I have learned what true Christ-like love looks like, and how to put it into action."

"Words can’t really begin to explain how much I have stretched and grown this year … how many times God proved himself faithful in all areas of my life."

"One theme where God has challenged me this year is TRUST, whether it be relying on Him... for health and energy, or for the courage to face my fears."

"God has shown me how big he really is, and how he is in control of my life."

"I rely on my teammates so much. I love every one of them, and getting to know each of them has been a privilege and a blessing."

"Although it is over, I know that what God has given me will be with me forever, and not just knowledge and experience, but also family (team, hosts, staff)."

"Life in Asia is so much different than life in North America but our God is the same here as He is there and we are so blessed to have an unchanging God."

"God has taught, stretched, challenged, and used me more in the past nine months than I had ever hoped for. God simply wanted me to be willing and offer up my body and actions to be used, allowing myself to be Christ-like."

"Being a missionary doesn’t mean you’re a “Super-Christian” - it means you’re willing to allow God to lead you and work through you."

"Trying to use my strength alone and what I can do will not further His kingdom; it’s what He can do through me."

Support amounts: Team Members are required to raise $5500 by day one in September then $1375 each month of the remaining 8 months. This comes to a total of $16,500. This includes room & board, transportation, liability/emergency insurance, team training (including Training Camp), equipment rentals and more. Due to fluctuating dollar values and travel costs, the above support required is subject to change.

Interested? Contact us for more info!


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