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DESCRIPTION OF SUMMER TEAM EXPERIENCE: Summer Teams are four weeks of intense fun and loving God! Your team of about 8 young men and ladies (ages 18 and up) will arrive at a training facility in Calgary, AB, Canada on August 2 and begin a 7-day training period. During this time you will spend time in worship, studying God's purposes for your life in His Word, learning about functioning as a team, getting to know your new team mates, preparing 2 ministry programs (one for youth and one for children) using the arts. You will learn to tell your salvation story effectively, learn some excellent tools in the arts (music, instruments, illusions, drime, chalkart, dance, etc) and grow in your dependance on God. CHECK OUT OUR ACTION VENTURES FACEBOOK SITE FOR MORE CURRENT INFORMATION, STORIES, VIDEOS AND PHOTOS!

Your team will then travel to your ministry location for about 3 weeks to serve with an experienced ministry host. You can read more details about your specific overseas ministry below. After your overseas ministry your team will go through 3 days of debriefing the experience, integrating the lessons learned and celebrating what God did with a Farewell Service in a local church.

August 2017 Summer Team: We are limiting this next years team to one described below. Due to fluctuations in dollar value and travel the support required is subject to change.  Please contact us for further information. 

We invite you... 


We are excited to invite you to a team to South East Asia in the summer of 2017.  It is designed to lead you into a deeper faith through practical hands-on experience. Following the 2017 school year in August you will embark on a 1-month mission experience in Southeast Asia.

Dates:  *Aug 2-30, 2017

Overview: Come and serve alongside a group of other young adults growing to be lovers of Jesus, learning how to work in a team context and communicating the Gospel, using the arts, in Asia.  

Team at a Glance:  Aug 2-7 - Training - in Calgary; Aug 8-27 - in Asia; Aug 28-30 - debrief in Calgary.

Ministry Focus:  Grow in your relationship with God and with your team. Learn to share your story effectively  through performances in schools, colleges, coffee shops, businesses, sports fields and homes in Asia. It will be an opportunity to share the Gospel and pray with Muslims, Hindu’s and nominal Christians. The team will work alongside with a local Christian worker connected with a local church plant. God has used our teams in the past to win many to Christ across this amazing country. 

Typical Day:

During training it is pretty structured with regular worship times and teaching in important growth areas such as team building, Biblical Missions, How to Study your Bible, Ministry Programs, Music, Drama, Puppetry, Recreation, how to pray for people and more. 

Expected Development: 

Deepen your personal relationship with the Lord. Learn how to effectively apply Scripture to daily life. Learn to effectively tell your story, both one-on-one and from a platform.    Develop artistic skills for gospel ministry.  Share competently, in the power of the Holy Spirit, the gospel message with people and then pray for them and over them.  Assist in Discipling contacts into an obedient walk with Christ and the fellowship of His church. Integrate what you have learned into North American life. 

Proposed Timeline:

May 30 '17    Deadline for applications

Aug 2-7   Training - in Calgary

Aug 8-27  Ministry in Asia

Aug 28-30 Debrief in ACTION office in Calgary

Application Process: See attachment below



Application Process: See attachment below




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