Inspire Team

Inspire Team

WHAT IS INSPIRE? Many return from incredible cross-cultural experiences with stories to tell of God’s supernatural work but have little opportunity to share those stories. INSPIRE is an opportunity to share those stories across Canada and the USA using your strengths in the arts to communicate from the heart. By joining INSPIRE you can multiply the fruit of God’s work in your life!

WHO CAN SERVE ON INSPIRE? INSPIRE is a team of college age young people who have been on a minimum 3 month missions internship.

WHAT IS THE PRIMARY PURPOSE OF INSPIRE?  It is for you to go deeper in your relationship with the Lord by hearing from the Lord, sharing your God-stories and inspiring others. 

WHAT DOES INSPIRE DO?  You will go to missions conferences, equipping conferences like Breakforth, music events like YC, schools, colleges, youth groups, churches and universities. You will be motivating and challenging youth and adults in missions from the various platforms God provides. Discipleship and leadership development are also a key aspect as you will be mentored and given opportunities to be in leadership of a Spring or Summer Team. 


It will assist you in processing what you have experienced during your missions internship. Verbalizing your experience (using the arts) is a powerful way to work through the difficult aspects of your experience and a great way to celebrate what God has done!

You will pass on your passion to others in a society where so many are “comfortably numb”. You can be a huge blessing to many as you share your story!

You will receive an additional year of experience, training, discipleship and leadership development with an extended opportunity to disciple others through leading a Summer team. 

It will provide you with opportunities to interact with other mission reps, colleges and ministries that may help you in discerning what God is calling you to in the future.


Sept - Trained and based out of a retreat centre near Calgary, AB, Canada 

Oct - Nov - Getting settled in Calgary and Touring western Dec - Christmas and support raising

Jan - Mar - Touring and helping train Spring Teams (includes Breakforth)

Apr - Helping with Spring Teams

May - June - Touring (includes YC)

July - Summer Teams and debrief

WHAT ARE THE FINANCIAL EXPECTATIONS? Each INSPIRE team member will raise their own financial and prayer support. The amount of financial support is $850.00 per month for each of the eleven months (September - July) plus the airfare of the SUMMER TEAM ministry and accommodations while in Calgary. Staff members can sometimes provide room & board for you or you can choose to stay with a relative or friend while in Calgary.  If you need to raise additional funds for housing that amount will need to be added to the amount you raise. You will be given honorariums equaling 20% of their regular monthly support. 

WHAT IS THE PROCESS TO BE A PART OF INSPIRE?   You can apply through the website or through our office. 

IS THERE A DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS? The deadline is the end of July.