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Dates: July 2019





LOCATION: San Quintin, Mexico (located 3/4 the way down the Baja peninsula)

MINISTRY: Working at a Clinic in the mornings (light carpentry) - serving children and teens at refugee camps in the afternoons - ballooning, sports, using the arts to share the Gospel (music, drama, illusions, choreographed dance, puppets, chalkart), prayer - film ministry and debriefing in the evenings

TRAINING:  In Calgary - covering team building, worship, spiritual formation, ministering cross-culturally, prepping an evangelistic program, sharing your faith story, some basic Spanish, and more.

TRANSPORTATION:  - Fly out from Calgary together to San Diego - rent passenger van and drive down to San Quintin - drive back to San Diego - Fly back to Calgary.

ACCOMMODATIONS: For training we plan to house the team at a college facility - in San Diego we will stay in a motel - in San Quintin we will stay in and around the clinic in facilities that they have there.

FOOD: We plan to cook and prep our own meals during training and ministry in Mexico.

REQUIREMENTS: Families and singles from ages 5 - 75. Those who desire to serve and work as a team. We don’t expect perfect people but those who are seeking to live for Jesus. Raise the full amount of support and be part of the training. You will be expected to function within the policies in our team manual.

EXPECTED GROWTH: Broaden your worldview - deepen your personal relationship with the Lord - learn to effectively tell your story, both one-on-one and from a platform - Develop artistic skills for gospel ministry - Share in the power of the Holy Spirit, the gospel message and then pray for or with them - Integrate what you have learned into North American life - serve more effectively in your home church and community.

RISK: We cannot guarantee your safety but we can minimize the risks of travel in Mexico by following the Families Plus Info Sheet direction of our hosts. According to Canadian Foreign Affairs the greatest risks have to do with tourist sites and highways. We will take all the recommended precautions. Over the many years and over a hundred teams we have been blessed to not have a single incident regarding safety.

SUPPORT REQUIRED (1 week before departure): $1700 per person - this covers all transportation from Calgary, food, emergency travel insurance, housing and training. This amount is subject to change due to dollar fluctuations, fuel and safety issues.


DEPOSIT REQUIRED (at time of application): $500 per person

1. Ask God if this is what He would like you to do.
2. Speak with the missions leader in your church about your desire.
3. Fill out Families Plus application form on our website
4. Phone in your deposit using your credit card (403 204 1421). Let us know if you prefer a different method of payment.
5. Processing references and approval (hopefully).
6. Begin fundraising - we will provide some support and instruction to help you with this if you wish!

A MINISTRY STORY: A memory we will not likely forget as a family is when we went to serve in San Quintin. One night we were part of an outreach worship service doing our best to sing along. Our children, all 4 of them, stood beside us and another Mexican family. The difference between us and them was pretty clear. The Mexican family, at least the children, were wearing rags by North American standards. A young boy stood beside our son Josh with little runners that showed his dirty toes. I’ll never forget this little boy singing his lungs out in praise along with his family. Before long our son excused himself to go to the bathroom. We noticed that he never returned and so my wife went to find him. He was seated outside on the step with tears streaming down his face. He was struck by the experience of families in Mexico who are full of faith and praise in spite of the poverty that they face. He wanted to help this little boy but realized he had so much more than we did in a sense - joy and family in Jesus. I believe that experience changed our sons worldview as it did ours as parents.

ACTION VENTURES: Action Ventures is a Training Division of Action International Ministries. We are based in Calgary, AB. Formerly Venture Teams International, we use the arts to share the Gospel around the world. For further information please check out our website or call Mark Sorell at 403 554 0025.



Overview: Finally, an opportunity for families to serve in mission. This team will work together to present the Gospel using the arts and serve as needed in places of profound need. It is a 12 day missions trip during Spring Break for people of all ages.  Some of the neediest areas in Mexico are near the tourist areas.  The differences between the rich and poor in these areas and the amount of hopelessness and suicide is staggering. The team will be staying together in a safe location and hosted by Christian workers in Progreso with the beach closeby. Each day will include service opportunities, performances at Bible Camps, schools 

and in the communities surrounding Progreso. There will be opportunities to debrief almost everyday to help you integrate your experience. 

Costs: $2500 CAD per adult and $2100 per child.  This covers all food, ground transportation, ministry and training expenses and entrances to venues. These totals are subject to change due to factors such as exchange rates, flight costs, numbers of team members, etc. You will need to cover the cost of your flights to Calgary for training and Mexico for ministry. This presents you with the option to use airmiles or other forms of rewards points in order to reduce your overall cost if you would like to.  We will need a $500 deposit per team member along with each application by Oct 15, 2017 in order to hold your place on the team and book your flight. Spring Break is an ideal time for families to travel but we will need to move forward early in order to get flights booked. 

Options: If you would like to extend your trip in Cancun at the end of your mission experience you have the option to tack on a few days of vacation time since you're already there. We can arrange for different return flights depending on your wishes. These costs would be incurred by the participant. We usually cap our teams at 26 members but are able to to accommodate up to 36 comfortably.


Fill out an application form... https://goo.gl/forms/niFUw8CGa5yhHJqK2